Authorized Action Designs

Straightjackets Spandex Sleepsack Darlex Catsuit
Straightjacket Dress Darlex Sleepsack Spandex Zentai Catsuit
Darlex Hobble Dress Spandex Sleepsack PVC Hobble Dress
LederMeister Leather Armbinder Spandex Zentai Catsuit Darlex Armbinder Heavy PVC Armbinder

The highest Quality

For twelve years we have stood for one thing, Product Quality. All of our products are made from the finest materials available and are sewn with heavy duty thread on commercial equipment. As a result, our products are durable, washable, and long lasting. For best results: Hand wash in warm water with mild detergent, rinse thoroughly and hang to dry. You may also wash spandex and darlex in the machine on gentle cycle, then hang to dry.

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